Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions by Liberty Bank Customers

1. When is the name officially changing?

Our name will officially change to Northwest Bank on April 14th, 2012 and business day operations will begin on April 16th, 2012.

2. Will the bank leadership change?

There are some changes but you will be banking with the same professionals who have made a long-term commitment to provide you with outstanding service.

3. Where else is Northwest Bank located?

Northwest Bank operates 16 locations in Nebraska and Iowa. At the time of conversion we will be changing the name on the Spirit Lake and Arnolds Park locations to Northwest Bank. This will make it easy for customers to find a location where ever they are. The following is a complete list of branch locations.


  • Spencer  - 101 W 5th St.  -  712-580-4100
  • Spencer – Drive-up only  -   825 S Grand Ave - 712-580-4100
  • Humboldt   -  801 Sumner Ave.  -   515-332-1840
  • Algona   -  204 E State St.   -  515-295-7271
  • Estherville  -  1119 Central Ave.  -  712-362-4400
  • Spirit Lake  -  1109 18th St.  -  712-336-1034
  • Milford  -  1802 Okoboji Ave.  -  712-338-2411
  • Fort Dodge  -  10 N 29th St.  -  515-955-3331
  • Storm Lake  -  730 Lake Ave.  -  712-732-1070
  • Belmond  -  120 E Main St.  -  641-444-3956
  • West Des Moines  -  5700 University Ave.  -  515-974-4400
  • Ankeny  -  911 N. Ankeny Blvd.  -  515-963-8033
  • Ankeny  -  1700 SE Delaware Ave.  -  515-963-5040


  • Omaha  -  14320 Arbor St.  -  402-334-0300
  • LaVista  -  9719 Giles Rd.   -  402-537-0300

4. What will the hours be at the former Liberty Branches?

Northwest Bank’s hours compare very well with our hours. 

5. Will the bank's contact information change?

No. All of the Liberty Bank’s phone numbers will remain the same. The bank’s website will be updated to reflect the new name. The website address is

6. What if I have a Safe Deposit Box at one of the Liberty Branches?

Your Safe Deposit Box will continue as before, there is no need to worry. The pricing will be according to Northwest Banks fee schedule. If you were in a product that provided a free safe deposit box, your box will continue to be free.

7. Will my account number change?

In most cases your account number(s) will not change. If your account number is changing, you will be notified well in advance to discuss those changes.

8. Do I need to do anything if I have automatic payments (ACH credits/debits) or Direct Deposits?

Your direct deposits and ACH payments will continue to clear for a transition period of 90 days after conversion.

9. Can I continue to use my old checks and cards?

If you have a personal account with Liberty Bank, you will receive a new initial order of checks and a new Visa Debit Card or ATM card at no charge. We are able to honor any outstanding checks that you may have written on Liberty Bank for up to 90 days.

10. Will I still be able to use On-line Banking?

Yes. Northwest Bank offers a robust On-line Banking & CheckFree® RXP® BillPay service. There will be more information to come regarding your on-line banking service. Northwest Bank will assist all On-line Banking and CheckFree® RXP® BillPay customers to have a seamless transition. Internet Banking will look a little different but we will help familiarize you to our new site. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

11. What will happen to the checks I wrote prior to the conversion that have not cleared yet?

Not to worry, any checks written will be honored for up to 90 days.

12. Is my money safe?

Yes! All deposits are FDIC insured. The current FDIC insurance covers interest bearing deposits up to $250,000. All deposits (regardless of balance) in non-interest bearing transaction accounts are insured in full by the FDIC through December 31, 2012. This is in addition to and separate from the $250,000 coverage available under the FDIC’s general deposit insurance rules. Please visit for additional information regarding FDIC insurance.

13. What if I had a loan with Liberty Bank?

Please continue to make your payments as usual. You will be contacted by letter with additional information regarding your loan if it was part of the acquisition.

14. What if I had a credit card with Liberty Bank?

If you have a Liberty Bank credit card, there is no action required. There will be no changes to your account; it will remain a Liberty Bank credit card.

15. Are you closing the Downtown Spirit Lake location?

No. The downtown location will remain open. Over time we will be assessing the traffic in all of the Northwest Bank Lakes locations.

16. Why are you closing the Hwy 9 drive-up?

The proximity of Northwest Bank’s Hwy 9 location in Fareway’s parking lot is the main reason for closing the drive-up. That location is very well staffed and we are confident we will provide the service and convenience you are use to receiving through our drive-up. You will continue to see the same smiling faces you are used to seeing!

17. Will we be receiving a letter explaining the conversion?

Yes. You will receive a letter no less than 30 days in advance of the transition. Northwest Bank will continue to provide information as it is available regarding account and service changes. Continue to visit for additional details to help answer questions.

18. Will Northwest Bank continue to offer Movie Day?

Yes. We look forward to continuing this tradition.