Spend Less Time Paying Bills

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posted 5/1/2014 in Campaign Specials

Use Online BillPay* this summer and we just might pay your bills for you.

Now that's a truly care-free summer. Each bill you pay using Northwest Bank's Online BillPay in May, June and July is an entry into the applicable month's drawing to be reimbursed for that month's bills (up to $3,000)!

You'll even get five bonus entries just for signing up!

Each bill you pay using Northwest Bank’s BillPay is an entry into the applicable month’s drawing.
Plus, you can get 5 bonus entries by clicking here and signing up today!

Enjoy these great features of Northwest Bank's BillPay:

Pay Bills Quickly
Forget the envelopes and stamps! With Online BillPay, you type in a number, click pay, and you're done.

Your Financial Command Center
Your Online BillPay screen is the place to handle all your finances in one easy-to-access, always available place.

Safe & Secure

Choose to have fewer statements sent through the mail and lower the chance of fraud and identity theft.

Want more information? Watch our video.

Don't have BillPay? Click here to learn more and enroll today!