Spencer Community School Foundation Announces Partnership with Northwest Bank

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posted 10/1/2012 in Community News

The Spencer Community School Foundation is proud to announce the partnership with Northwest Bank in a pilot project this fall to provide Chromebooks for Spencer students. After much research of individual computing devices for students, Spencer Community Schools has determined that Google Chromebooks provide fast, intuitive, and easy-to-manage computing. With Northwest Bank’s gift, students and teachers will have access to 90 Chromebooks for classroom use.

Chromebooks save valuable learning and teaching time and require no special training. Each device boots in less than 8 seconds and has a student on the web in less than 20 seconds. Because Chromebooks are based on cloud technology, a student will never lose his/her files and will have access to them almost anytime and anywhere. Additionally, Chromebooks can be programmed to allow only safe, appropriate websites for students to use.

As a result of this pilot program, the Chromebooks are being used by some teachers as online textbooks with their students, beginning this week.

Dean Jacobsen, Bank President in Spencer explains how Northwest Bank gets involved in educating our youth. “Our youth are important to our future and community banks have taken a leadership role in ensuring our youth are financially literate before they leave high school. “

“Northwest Bank recently participated in the American Bankers Association’s Teach Children to Save Day, which gives bankers a great way to get involved with our young community members. Northwest spent time in the class room teaching students from elementary on up about finances. Northwest Bank alone reached out to 1,800 students throughout the communities we serve.”

“In addition, Northwest Bank sponsors a new web-based e-learning platform for our Spencer Community school students that is aimed at teaching, assessing and certifying students in a variety of financial topics including credit scores, insurance, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, taxes, stocks, savings, 401k’s and other critical concepts.”

Jacobsen finished by saying, “We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with the Spencer Community School Foundation to provide resources to further our student’s education through state of the art technology. We are so excited for Spencer students to use this platform to further their education, their opportunities are endless.”