4 Ways a Blog Generates a Flood of Real Estate Leads

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posted 3/23/2012 in Realtor News

By Kathy Goughenour

As a real estate agent, generating leads and turning those leads into clients is the most important goal of any marketing campaign you launch. Marketing yourself and your services effectively can be difficult to do.

Enter A Blog.

A blog is similar to meeting with a potential client to offer advice -- over coffee. Through a blog, you subtly demonstrate your real estate expertise and what you can do for clients. Better yet, a blog allows you to explain what you know and what you do in a personal, conversational manner.

A successful blog pairs up your expertise with your personality to display the whole package. Here is where potential clients get to see your human side.

A blog is an easy-to-use marketing tool that allows you to make a personal connection with prospective clients that you might otherwise never meet. This is a tool that lets clients know you’re not only knowledgeable enough to represent them well but that you also have the people skills to make any real estate transaction as smooth, stress-free and pleasant as possible.

If that’s not enough to convince you that blogging is an essential real estate marketing tool, here are four more ways a blog generates a flood of real estate leads:

1. Increases Lead Generation by Pulling in Website Traffic

Ever wondered how a website gets on the first page of a search engine like Google or Bing? Or even more amazingly, how a website gets multiple links on the first page of Google?

Without getting too technical, the most important thing to know about your ranking is that in order to continue to climb to the top of search engines, you need to have fresh and relevant content. That is content which is updated or added to on a monthly, or ideally weekly, basis and which is directly related to what’s happening now in the real estate industry. One of the fastest and easiest ways to add fresh, current content to your website is by blogging.

Posting new blog entries two or three times a week will start to move your website up through the rankings thereby bringing more buyers and sellers to your site. While increased traffic takes time to build, once you have more buyers and sellers coming to your site, your ability to generate leads increases exponentially!

2. Gets You Noticed by Past and Potential Buyers and Sellers

You’ve probably heard the old adage that it's easier (and less expensive) to keep an existing client than to find a new one. A flourishing real estate business can be created largely from past clients and referrals if agent/client contact is maintained over time.

The primary method for keeping that contact alive has been, for many years, direct mail pieces such as postcards and newsletters. While these traditional marketing materials can be effective, they can be very expensive to print and mail and time consuming to create.

A blog is less expensive and easier to create than postcards or newsletters.

Adding new blog posts not only brings the search engines running back to your site multiple times a day to give you faster indexing and better rankings, but it also gets your past and potential buyers and sellers running back to your site more consistently. This allows you to stay in almost constant contact with potential, current and past clients.

3. Provides a Competitive Advantage

Chances are you work in a market where you're competing against other real estate agents. With more and more agents offering services like home staging, the ways you can stand out are dwindling.

With blogging, however, a competitive marketing strategy is readily available. The popularity of blogging continues to grow along with other forms of social media. And the experts agree that blogging turns social networking into business networking.

Now is the time to blog – and do it consistently. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll find yourself ahead of the game. By the time your competitors figure out how to consistently blog, you’ll be a blogging expert!

4. Brings in Buyers (and Sellers) by Showcasing Listings

Home sellers want the assurance that everything that can be done by a real estate agent is being done to increase the visibility of their home for sale. Increased visibility means increased odds of finding a buyer.

While most real estate websites show listings, a blog is a great tool to expand upon your run-of-the-mill listing and reach a larger crowd. Adding a video of homes you’ve listed, along with some interesting details about the home, can amount to an open house online.

Even if your listings already include virtual tours, these virtual tours can be embedded into your blog post to gain greater exposure for each listing. You can then link to your blog from your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to further market your listings.

This nifty feature not only has the potential for increased sales but is yet one more marketing tool you can offer your clients. And what better way to sell your services than to let clients and potential clients see you in action through your blog.

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