Holiday ECards: A Useful Real Estate Marketing Tool

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posted 12/23/2011 in Realtor News

By Jim Lockerby

A new discovery in the real estate holiday marketing realm is the eCard. An economical, personal and friendly connection with a client is the aim of many real estate businesses. eCards are a perfect real estate marketing tool that allows realtors to do just that without spending too much time or money in the process.

Types of eCards Available to Realtors

ECards are a great tool for connecting with your clients and can be used for occasions year round. From Daylight Savings to Veteran's Day to Halloween to New Years - or even just as an expression of appreciation for the client - eCards are an adaptable and flexible marketing tool.

A cleverly animated eCard with quality sound and graphics that is customized to include your business information is the best way to utilize this means of holiday marketing. In order to create the best eCard for connecting with your client, make sure you find an eCard service that doesn't limit your options. The more options you are offered, the more personal you can make your card.

Benefits of Sending eCards

Some benefits of using this strategy for real estate holiday marketing include:

Brand awareness: Using eCards as a marketing tool will help create a positive and memorable impression that will be intriguing, captivating and engaging to new clients as well as current ones.

New marketing opportunities: eCards don't need to be confined to warm greetings and holiday wishes; they are also a great real estate holiday marketing method that can highlight new services and make consumers more aware of your business as well as confident and comfortable about connecting with you. With the fun animations and impressive technologies used in eCards, you could be potentially reaching out to more than your initial audience, as they may feel inclined to show others your eCard. You can even go so far as to use an eCard on your social networking account or business website - both very effective real estate marketing tools.

Eco-friendly: Aside from being a great tool for connecting with your client, eCards are also sustainable and do not contribute to the paper waste caused by the greeting card industry.

Efficient: The eCard marketing method is extremely efficient, as you are able to send out a message to a bunch of clients without overlooking or leaving anyone out. Furthermore, you save time by not having to stuff and address envelopes, as well as money on stamps.

B2B marketing: Connecting with other business owners can be a great way to utilize this real estate marketing tool, as eCards can help compel others to invest in your business.

Using an entertaining real estate marketing tool that is up to date and engaging can really help strengthen and build the connection and trust your clients have with your business and services. The eCard can grab and hold your client's attention and will ultimately make you more memorable to them in a positive way.

For reaching out to current or potential clients and leaving a lasting impression that leaves them coming back for more, realtors should consider using real estate holiday marketing tools, such as eCards. eCards can be used for a whole variety of holidays and occasions and are a great way to engage with the client on an emotional level. For more information, visit ZingDing, the online real estate marketing specialists, at

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