Real Estate Marketing in Today's World

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posted 2/17/2012 in Realtor News

By Tori Junipelo

There are times that realtors find themselves in a slower home buying market. It is really important that during these times, they are doing all they can to get attention brought to the homes they are representing. With today's modern technology, real estate marketing has become a combination of high-tech and tradition.

A savvy realtor has seen the power of using social media and has begun to use it to their advantage. Using social media as a real estate marketing tool is a great way to reach people they wouldn't normally be able to contact. It is easy for people to pass the word of a great listing on to their friends.

While social media is a great real estate marketing tool, not everyone is connected to a platform. For those that aren't connected, flyers and post cards are still great options. Many great sales persons have learned that a feeling of possession is the fastest way to gain a person's interest. By sending a flyer or postcard, people have a physical reminder of the house and they can become attached to the house, increasing the chances of a real sale happening.

Most people in today's world have become pretty familiar with using the internet. It is something that reaches across continents and countries. Not only is it practical for realtors to use the internet as a real estate marketing tool, it is almost required. People that are in the market of making a large purchase almost always start their search online.

There are some people that refuse to use the internet for any reason. In this instance, continuing to use newspaper listings as a real estate marketing tool is also still a great option. Many people still receive and read the newspaper and look for many different things, especially homes. It is a lost tradition to some but to many others, it is the only way they will do their home buying research.

When a realtor uses a combination of real estate marketing techniques, they are doing many things at one time. One of the most important things they are doing is exposing their homes to a wide variety of people. There are some people that are very media and technology savvy. These individuals will only do business when things can be found and researched online. When a realtor uses different social medias and websites, they reach out to those people. For those more traditional buyers, they aren't forgotten because traditional marketing is still used.

Not only is real estate marketing used as a tool to reach clients, it is also a way to build relationships within the industry. If there are other realtors that see the attention and the hard work that is being put out there, they are more likely to want to network. When a realtor is a part of a network, if either realtor needs help with a property or listing, they have someone to reach out to.

There are so many different mediums to use when it comes to real estate marketing. There is something that can be used to reach everyone. By combining traditional and modern methods, realtors increase their chances of getting interested parties to their viewings as well as increase the chances of a sale. This one simple concept plays a huge part of how realtors do business and become successful within their field.

Tori is a real estate consultant specializing in real estate marketing.

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