Several Strategies To Attract Buyers In A Down Market

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posted 11/4/2011 in Realtor News

By S Mueller


Price your home correctly.

When pricing your home you need to be aware of the comparable sales in the area. Also, know the special features and amenities of your home. Being able to play up special amenities in your home can help you negotiate to reach the amount you want. You must also know your motivation for selling. If you need to move out of your home immediately and need to sell it fast, your motivation level can help your agent set an aggressive price that will help you to be able to move on with your life.

Do a pre-listing inspection of your home and make repairs on the items that won't cost you a fortune to fix.

It is best to know what your home's issues are ahead of time. If you know what the problem areas are, then you can fix them before they have a chance to ruin your plans. Alternately, if there is nothing wrong with your home, a pre-listing inspection can give your potential buyer's a sense of peace that they are not purchasing a "money pit".

Make sure your house looks perfect.

In a down market, there can be thousands of available homes for a buyer to look at. Because there are so many homes to choose from, something as simple as dirty window sills, or scratched paint can make all the difference. Paint is an inexpensive way to make a huge difference in your home. Try to keep colors neutral as sometimes it is hard for home buyers to look past a color that they may not like. If carpets are dirty, have them professionally cleaned. Get rid of clutter as well. Many buyers lack the ability to look past your personal items, or may even see a room as being small simply because they feel that there is too much "stuff" clogging up the room.

Offer a Home Warranty

Offering a home warranty can be a great way to give a buyer peace of mind. If a potential buyer is choosing between two homes and one offers a warranty and the other does not, it can be a tipping point in their decision. A warranty might say that you will cover small repairs for the buyer for one year. Knowing that any small repairs will be taken care of, yet not come out of their own pocket can be a huge selling point. Talk with your agent about what exactly your warranty might cover.

Steven Mueller is the head of The Steven Mueller Team selling out of Keller Williams SouthPark in Charlotte, North Carolina. Steven specializes in first time home buyer sales, luxury sales, foreclosure, and short sales. When asked which he likes the most he says, "I like to work with all of them equally, and enjoy working with buyers and sellers. Each sale offers a unique opportunity to learn, and to better my client satisfaction." This attitude won Steven the "5-Star Real Estate Award" in 2009, 2010, and 2011 and also moved him to the Keller Williams - SouthPark's Agent Leadership Council in 2010 and 2011. Learn more about Steven Mueller at


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