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posted 11/4/2011 in Realtor News

By Tori Junipelo

Through the many hours of a day, people have a generally significant number of ways to get in touch with one another. Sit back and count the ways a moment if you will. As you stretch your legs and wobble your way out of bed, where do you look to once your eyes have adjusted? You are looking at the cell phone you left on vibrate overnight to see if anyone tried to call you while you were sleeping. Or maybe you are getting onto a laptop to check your email, if you have not already checked your mail on your cell phone that is. However, what one most commonly does not do is stretch their legs, let their eyes adjust, and then rush out to the morning newspaper that was no doubt delivered in an hour you were asleep for. That simply isn't how news is widely spread any longer. And that means it simply isn't how business is done thanks to new technology. That as what paves the way for advances in real estate marketing ideas to come on through, to enter this technology improved era of business.

We bet it comes all too clearly now as well: your thoughts undoubtedly overwhelmed with how exactly you would market houses and properties over the Internet or social networks.

Let's start with some of the examples the first paragraph spoke to about generating real estate marketing ideas, which means your mobile phone. Ever consider having a phone call or automated calling machine get in touch with you about the listing of your dream house? Would it be helpful to have that sort of instantaneous response?

However, let's say you do not like listening to those sorts of calling machines, and can't be entering in a password code in order to get to your voice mail several times a day. Sticking with the mobile then, a text sent out on a wide server could sustain getting a message across as well as not being intrusive to your day.

What's next?

Naturally the employment of electronic mail, or email, has to be the best next thing. Nowadays it is of course not a big deal to have email alerts go straight to your cellular or mobile phone. However, if you are working in your office, or cubicle, you certainly do not want to be strapped to your phone. That means having an email pop up in the middle of your work is also a quiet and secure manner of getting you that update about your dream house. If email isn't working, what then?

Ruling out email, one has to go straight to the social networking sights, the Facebook alerts that not only get seen on your account, but by all those who visit your account. That said, you get the info to exactly who you want, but you also spread your name to a number of people you would not have known before. Clever, right?

Absolutely, and this era of new technologies has paved way for much more of this cleverness to come, and real estate marketing ideas are only going to get sharper about adapting.

Tori is a real estate consultant specializing in real estate marketing ideas.

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