What Is The Important Aspect In Final Walk-Through

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posted 11/18/2011 in Realtor News

ByFelicity White


A final walk-through is the inspection you make of the house you choose to buy just before closing the deal. It is done to ensure that the condition of the house you chose is exactly what you agreed on. People buying a new house tend to get more excited about how it would look and what they would do with it once they've moved in, neglecting the more important things such as making sure water is running perfectly and pipes are not leaking. Doing a final walk-through is imperative to avoid buying a house with surprising problems like malfunctioning light fixtures and flooded bathrooms, which you initially asked to be repaired. Several people have not really been happy about their new houses because of failure to do the final walk-through.

A few things you should do during the final walk-through to avoid unnecessary frustrations after buying your house are:

1. Inspect wires and cables. Make sure that wires that shouldn't be showing is NOT showing. Turn appliances and switches on and off to check if electricity in all sockets is running properly. Be aware of sparks and sounds of sparks.

2. Open and close doors and windows making sure that door jambs are fixed properly and smoothly. Doorknobs and locks must also be functioning properly. Check that the locks are secure ones, and windows do not have defective glass frames.

3. Test running water and check pipes for rust or leaks. Try to run water in the sinks, bathrooms and toilet for a time. Makes sure that there is no trace or smell of rusty water. Rust-smelling water means rusty pipes somewhere. Look inside water tanks and beneath sinks to check for any signs of leakage. Flush toilets and make sure drains do not clog.

4. Check for pest-infestation. Some places are prone to termite or ant infestations. If the problem exists in your home area, makes sure it has been addressed properly before you move in.

5. Inspect walls, floors and ceilings for defects and unplanned cracks or traces of termites and other serious pest problems.

6. Inspect built-in and present furniture just to be sure they are in the condition as agreed on during negotiations.

7. Test that heating and air-conditioning systems are working properly. If any defects were seen, make sure that they have been addressed accordingly.

The list above is just tips you may do during a walk-through. You can do more once you go through with it. Doing a final walk-through however, is just next to meeting and speaking with the previous owner of the house. Of course, when you get the chance to speak with the seller, you may ask everything you like to know about the house especially its history and improvements they might have done if the house is still theirs. This may give you the chance to re-evaluate your decision or to know what to expect in the next few years living in your new home. Who knows, you might get more than what you bargained for.

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