Why Use Facebook As A Real Estate Agent?

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posted 11/25/2011 in Realtor News

By Nathan Soliday

Why should a real estate agent consider using Facebook to build their business? Facebook is the currently the biggest social media and networking platform on the planet with over 700 million users, of which over 50% of them are active daily.

Real Estate Marketing is a numbers game and if you are not tapping into a market as big as Facebook, your competition will leave you in the dust! Facebook is becoming so big that it recently overtook Google as the website that got the most traffic in a single day. This means that Facebook is becoming bigger than Google itself. How would you like a piece of that pie?

Facebook is also a great place to "soft sell" your services, because a lot of normal users don't know that you can actually use Facebook as a marketing platform for your business.

Not only that, but there is also a way to generate targeted visitors to your websites, listings, and blogs that the average person (or agent) doesn't even know about. Those agents that don't know this is losing out big time.

Another great reason for marketing with Facebook is that there are so many great ways to market your listings and services.

Some of the Facebook/social media tools that you can use include to promote your real estate business include:

* Profile Updates
* Friend Requests
* Groups
* Fan Pages
* Events
* Social Ads
* The Marketplace
* Pictures
* Videos
* Sharing
And a lot more...

The point for all of these techniques is to simply generate more leads for you business. The more real estate leads that you have the more commissions that you will earn.

Facebook marketing shouldn't necessarily be the only avenue that you use to market your business, but it should be at the top of your list.

The most successful real estate agents are using a wide variety of marketing ideas from online sources. While Facebook should be the center of your real estate marketing plan right now, I would also suggest getting familiar with Twitter and LinkedIn.

Regardless of the online methods that you use, one thing that you will want to remember is that each of these are considered Social Media. This means your marketing needs to be a two way street. It is your job to generate top quality content that can help prospective home buyers and sellers. Hopefully, your useful information will help open the door for questions from future prospects - leading to future sales!

Best of luck with your Social Media Real Estate Marketing Program!

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