Visa Platinum

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The Northwest Bank Visa© Platinum card gives you superior purchasing power and worldwide recognition as well as reward points redeemable for travel, merchandise or cash. Use our handy calculators to help budget, estimate your savings and more!

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  • View your account balance, review transactions and make your Visa© payment online with Card Center Direct.
  • Credit Card Rewards Program*
    Earn points for every dollar charged on your Visa© Platinum account, redeemable for travel, merchandise or cash rewards. It's your choice. Redeem your points through our Rewards Catalog.
  • Convenient Cash Access
    Cash Access at Ultra and PLUS ATMs.
  • Direct Pay
    Set up automatic payments, schedule payments in advance or have your monthly minimum or balance payment automatically deducted from your checking or savings account.
  • Organize Your Transactions
    Sort your credit card transaction information so you can see it like you want to see it. Download your credit card transactions! If you use Quicken, you can now connect and download your transactions for your credit card using either Direct Connect or Web Connect.
  • Cashway Checks
    Use Cashway Checks to pay for purchases where your Visa© card is not accepted.
  • Verified by Visa©
    Password-protect any Visa© card to ensure you are the only one using it online.


  • Shopping Discounts
    Get exciting discounts on great merchandise via our Rewards Catalog.
  • Fraud Protection
    You are not responsible for any unauthorized purchases made with your card or account number.
  • Warranty Manager Service
    Provides warranty registration, extended warranty protection and extended service agreements.
  • Auto Rental Insurance
    Provides 24-hour coverage for damage due to collision or theft.
  • Travel and Emergency Assistance
    Provides emergency assistance including medical referrals, legal referrals and emergency ticket replacement.
  • Annual Activity Statement
    Receive a complimentary year-end summary to reconcile your Visa© Platinum purchases.
  • Travel Accident Insurance
    Receive up to $500,000 travel/accident insurance when you charge airplane, train, ship or bus tickets on a licensed common carrier with your Visa© Platinum Card.
  • Payment Options
    Four different methods of payment available for your convenience.

Customer Service: 800.821.5184
Rewards Redemption: 800.828.5357

Certain restrictions, conditions and exclusions apply to the benefits and features listed above. *See Awards Terms and Conditions for complete details of the Credit Card Rewards Program.

Product availability may vary by Northwest Bank location.