The Safe Act

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As required by federal law, Northwest Bank employees engaged in the origination of residential mortgage loans are required to register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). Below is a list of registered Northwest Bank employees and their NMLS registration number.




Deborah Andersen Mortgage Loan Originator, West Des Moines 1134945
Pat Berte Bank President, Algona 954509
JoAnn Black Regional Operations Manager, VP, Sioux City 560610
Sidney Bodholdt Ag/Commercial Lender, VP, Fort Dodge 955596
Brent Bonner Bank President, Storm Lake 571290
Brad Bosch Mortgage Loan Originator, Ankeny 32433
Lavonne Bosch Personal Banker, West Des Moines 488155
Anthony Brugman Commercial Loan Associate, Algona 1286583
Pam Bruns Personal Banker, Estherville 488210
Dana Christiansen Mortgage Loan Originator, West Des Moines 488156
Jame Christiansen  Private Banking Manager, VP, West Des Moines 488157
Darlene Clausen Personal Banker, Sioux City 560611
Julie Clendenen CSR Supervisor/Marketing, Humboldt 488211
Joe Conover Northwest Iowa Regional President, Arnolds Park 954511
Ashley Cooke Personal Banker, Storm Lake 1314338
Sara Cornell Personal Banker, Spirit Lake 1285725
JoAnn Currell Mortgage Loan Originator, Arnolds Park 1049316
Carmen Davis Retail Loan Originator, Ankeny 488158
Nicole Evans Personal Banker, Arnolds Park 523258
Cathy Feurt Residential Real Estate Manager, SVP, La Vista 488159
Pat Fisher Retail Banking Executive, Belmond 488213
Pam Floy Mortgage Loan Originator, Le Mars 560613
JoAnne Franke Personal Banker, Spencer 488160
Sara Frerichs Retail/Mortgage Loan Administrator, SVP, Spencer 488161
Cody Galvin Mortgage Loan Originator, Storm Lake 1210822
Jessica Garvin Personal Banker, Arnolds Park 488214
Tracy Gibson Personal Banker, Ankeny 488162
Jessica Gronau Personal Banker, Algona 1171595
Kristi Gross Retail Manager, Spencer 979278
Samantha Hamrick Personal Banker, La Vista 885700
Matt Hanke Retail Bank Manager, AVP, La Vista 488215
Linda Heim Personal Banker, Ankeny 488216
Keith Heitritter Commercial Banker, VP, Spirit Lake 645506
Ryan Heppner Mortgage Loan Originator, La Vista 925127
Michele Hofman Personal Banker, Sioux Center 1188728
Sharon Hotz Ag/Commercial Lender, VP, Fort Dodge 955595
Bethany Huseman Personal Banker, Milford 894575
Angie Kasch Retail Lending, VP, Algona 488217
Becky Kindwall Mortgage Banker, Belmond 488218
Dan Kitzinger Bank President, Spirit Lake 1261664
Brian Klaas Mortgage Loan Originator, West Des Moines 488164
Bruce Klenken Commercial Lender, VP, Spencer 954506
Noelle Kneip Mortgage Loan Originator, Le Mars 560615
Mike Knust Real Estate Construction Loan Specialist, Omaha 488219
Kay Lamport Retail Loan Ops/Mortgage Underwiting, AVP, Spencer 488165
Jodi Lange Personal Banker, Spirit Lake 488220
Chelsey Lindaman Personal Banker, Humboldt 955498
Sharon Lisac Private Banker, VP, West Des Moines 488166
Mary Little Regional Retail Manager, VP, Fort Dodge 488167
Amanda Mueller Personal Banker, West Des Moines 488224
Dan Mullenbach Retail Manager, VP, Ankeny 954513
Deanne Murman Mortgage Loan Originator, Fort Dodge 640562
Sarah Niemand Personal Banker, Fort Dodge 974223
Jason Olson Retail Banker/Commercial Account Executive, La Vista 488225
Jackie Paulsen Personal Banker, Spencer 928886
Jesus Pena Mortgage Loan Originator, Sioux City 866620
Angie Peterson Retail Loan Originator, Spirit Lake 488226
Mark Roos Mortgage Loan Originator, Sioux City 418790
Alice Ruhland Personal Banker, Le Mars 1156094
Melanie Russell Personal Banker, Fort Dodge 974222
Isabel Sanchez Personal Banker, Storm Lake 1283418
Monique Scarlett Personal Banker, Sioux City 1126204
Kelly Schnetzer Retail Loan Originator, Fort Dodge 488168
Jody Schroeder Personal Banker, Estherville 1012959
Larry Shaffer Commercial Banker, EVP, Spirit Lake 645505
Travis Simpson Residential Real Estate Manager, VP, West Des Moines 488169
Donnell Skow Retail Loan Originator, Humboldt 488170
Brad Smit Mortgage Loan Originator, Sioux Center 560618
Maria Steier Personal Banker, Algona 825441
Nancy Stickler Personal Banker, Spencer 974226
Jody Stoll Milford Market Leader, Milford 523260
Andrea Stone Personal Banker, Omaha 488229
Mary Thomas  Retail Banking Executive, Fort Dodge 864119
Anita Van Bruggen Mortgage Loan Originator, Sioux Center 560619
Joe Van Otterloo Bank President, Spencer 862610
Anne Vedder Personal Banker, Estherville 979277
Jason Warren Mortgage Loan Originator, Spencer  488172
Shelly Wendt Personal Banker, Le Mars 560612
Jill Willmott Mortgage Loan Originator, Sioux City 742840
Lola Wood Personal Banker, Spencer  928885