Mobiliti Mobile Banking Q&A

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1. If I currently use the "old" Mobile Banking service, will I automatically be updated to the "new" service?

No. You will need to re-enroll in the new version of Mobile Banking (Mobiliti TM).

2. Is there a fee for using Northwest Bank’s Mobile Banking?

No. Our Mobile Banking service is FREE but your wireless carrier’s data, message rates and roaming charges may still apply.

3. What are the requirements to enroll in Mobile Banking?

You must be a Northwest Bank Internet Banking User. You will use the same Internet Banking login credentials to access your Mobile Banking either through the Mobile App or Mobile Web options.

  • If you aren’t a current Internet Banking user, you will first need to complete the first time login set up prior to enrolling in Mobiliti TM or downloading the app.

4. What accounts can I access with Mobile Banking?

Account access is the same as Internet Banking, including checking, savings, CD’s and Loans. You select which accounts you want to access via Mobile Banking during the enrollment process.

5. Does Mobile Banking require software to be installed on my phone?

No. Our new Mobile Banking is a browser-based application that does not require any software to be loaded to the individual device.

6. What accounts can I view in Mobile Banking?

You can view any checking and savings accounts you choose that are set-up in your Internet Banking account. Any new accounts opened will automatically be available in your Mobile Banking. Any new nicknames for these accounts will need to be set-up within Internet Banking.

7. Can I schedule recurring transfers using Mobile Banking?

No. One-time transfers may be entered. Any recurring transfers can be set-up within your Internet Banking.

8. Is Mobile Banking Secure?

Just like Internet Banking, it uses the same 128-bit encryption to keep your information secure and private. Mobiliti does not store any personal information on the device. Click here for phone security tips.

9. Can I access Mobile Banking on my tablet?

Currently, Mobiliti TM is not intended for tablet devices. But, we have had customers successfully use the Mobile Web option on the iPad via a workaround. A tablet-specific app is coming soon!

  • When the customer enrolls in Mobiliti TM, they can select which services to enroll in. If they choose Mobile Web as one of them, the system will text a link to the Mobile Web login to their iPhone. The customer can then use that same link on their iPad to login to Mobile Banking.

10. Can my Mobile Banking account be accessed on multiple Mobile Devices?

Yes. You can enroll several mobile devices for Mobiliti TM. To add a new phone the app may be downloaded on the additional mobile devices or you can add a new device in your Internet Banking account.


1.  What are the new features of Mobile Banking?

Text Banking: Any text compatible mobile phone
Mobile Web: Mobile phones with internet access
Mobile App: Android or Apple phones

2. Which mobile service providers support Mobilti TM?

Mobiliti TM works on all major service carriers in the U.S.: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless as well a number of other smaller services carriers.

3. Can I view check images from within Mobile Banking?

No. Check Images can be viewed within Internet Banking. Items available within Mobile Banking include: Check Balances, View Transaction History, Transfer Funds, Pay Bills, Find Locations and receive e-Alerts.

4. Can I set-up e-Alerts from within Mobile Banking?

No. Any new e-Alerts you wish to receive will need to be first set-up within Internet Banking. You can choose to have these e-Alerts delivered via text or email on your mobile device.

5. Can I set-up Payees for CheckFree® RXP® BillPay within Mobile Banking?

No. Any new payees will need to be first set-up within Internet Banking and then will be available within Mobile Banking. Savings accounts cannot be added in CheckFree® RXP® BillPay to pay bills from. Any new accounts to pay bills from will need to be set-up by a Northwest Bank Representative.

6. What is the cut-off time to make any transfers through Mobile Banking?

Transfers can be made at any time, day or night, 24/7.

7. What if my Mobile Phone is lost or stolen?

Notify your mobile phone carrier right away. Your information cannot be accessed without your user name and password. However we can also reset credentials or turn off mobile access. You can also manage your devices through “Settings” in Internet Banking. Account data and login credentials are not stored automatically on your mobile device. Password protect your device if possible.

8. How do I securely end my Mobile Banking session?

Select the "Log Out" button or link to log out of Mobile Banking, and then close your browser through your mobile device browsing options. Closing your browser will securely end your Mobile Banking session.

9. What if my Mobile number changes?

You can manage your mobile device within the Mobile Banking profile section (under “Settings”) of your Internet Banking. Simply click on the “I want to: Change my phone number” in the dropdown located next to your mobile device. Then click “Go” to update your mobile number and follow the steps accordingly.

10. What if I change Mobile Devices? For example I change from an android to an iPhone?

You can manage your mobile device within the Mobile Banking profile section (under “Settings”) of your Internet Banking. You will need to locate your specific Mobile Device and choose “Stop using this device for Mobile Banking” in the drop down. Once this is completed, you can “Add a new device” to set-up your new device with your Mobile Banking services.

11. Is there a demo available for our new Mobile Banking?

Yes, click  to view the demo.

12. If I close all of my accounts with Northwest Bank, can I still login to mobile banking?

No. If you close all of your accounts with Northwest Bank your Mobile Banking and Internet Banking accounts will no longer be able to be viewed.

13. If I have several accounts with Northwest Bank and I close one of them, will this be removed from my Mobile Banking?

Yes. If you close an account with Northwest Bank it will automatically be removed you’re your Mobile Banking and Internet Banking accounts.

14. If I am not a current user of Mobiliti TM and I am prompted to enroll when I login to my Internet Banking and I click “Not Now,” can I still enroll?

Yes. If you click the “Not Now” button when prompted you will actually be reminded again in 30 days. Or you can enroll any time by logging in to Internet Banking and going to the “Settings” button then “Mobile Banking Profile” to continue the enrollment process.


1. What is the difference between Mobile Web and the Mobile App?

Both are used as outlets to access Northwest Bank’s Mobile Banking site.

  • The Mobile App is available for Apple and Android devices with web access.
  • Mobile Web can be used on all devices with web access.

2. Where do I download the app from?

The app is available for iPhone® and Android® devices and can be downloaded from the iPhone® or Google Play app stores depending on your device. Simply search “Northwest Bank Mobile Banking.”

3. Will the app ever go inactive if it isn’t used on a regular basis?

No. Once the app is downloaded is it there on your phone until the user determines to delete or remove it. If Internet Banking account isn’t accessed within 60 days either via computer or your App, your Internet Banking account will need to be reactivated. Please contact a Northwest Bank Representative at 1-888-969-1265.

4. Can I toggle back and forth between multiple Internet Banking accounts with the Mobile Banking App from my mobile device?

No. At this time only one Internet Banking account is tied to the App on your specific mobile device, this is set up during your enrollment process. If you would like to view another Internet Banking account through Mobile Banking, you can set an account up on the App and another account on the Mobile Web option. This is set-up for security reasons.

5. Can I set-up the Text Banking or Mobile Web services through the mobile app?

No. You will need to login to your Internet Banking account to set up these additional services. This can be done by “Adding a Device” and completing the set-up process for these services.

6. Will the app time-out after inactive use on my mobile device?

Yes, both the App and Mobile Web will time out after 5 minutes of inactivity.


1. Where do I get the link for Mobile Web?

This will be texted to you when you enroll in the particular service. Click on the link you receive in your text message to activate the browser download. Save this link to your favorites or bookmark this link for future use. This is a specific link for each user.

2. What if I delete my text message with the link for Mobile Web or forget to bookmark it?

You can login to your Internet Banking to resend the link to your mobile device:

  • Go into your Internet Banking.
  • Click on Settings and scroll to the Mobile Banking Section
  • Click on Manage Devices
  • Select your appropriate phone number/device and select the dropdown “Get a link to the Mobile Banking website.”

Or, you can contact a Northwest Bank Representative at 1-888-969-1265.


1. Is Text Banking Secure?

Accounts are viewed by nickname and not account number. No detailed information is sent via text.

2. What do the account nicknames mean and why do I need them?

The nickname of your accounts identifies the account in a text message. For example: to check your transaction history, text HIST to 99588 followed by the account nickname.

3. What is the number to text for Text Banking?

The number to text is 99588. This number is the same for all users. This information is provided via text instructions when the customer enrolls in this service. We encourage you to save this number to your contacts for future use.

4. What are the text commands for Text Banking?

The text commands are not case sensitive.

BAL = Current Account Balances
HIST + Acct Nickname = Transaction History (Ex: Hist CHK1)
HELP = Contact Information
ATM + Zip Code = Nearby Branches (Ex: Atm 51301)
STOP = Cancel SMS Text Banking Service

5. What is the STOP text command in Text Banking?

The STOP text command effectively disables your text banking.

6.  What if I delete my text message with the link for Mobile Web or forget to bookmark it?

You can login to your Internet Banking to resend the link to your mobile device or you can contact a Northwest Bank Representative at 1-888-969-1265.