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Business Banking Online Updates

We have upgraded our Business Banking Online Page to a new look and feel.  Below is a video explaining all the changes and some of the major upgrades to help guide you through the new updates. 

Click here to watch our Business Online Video

 Log In Screen changes include: 

You now enter your username and password on the home page rather than entering your user name on one screen and then your password on a second screen.

Image showing the change of user name and password entry on the same page

Home Screen changes include: 

- Top Navigational Tools:

  • Management tools (funds management) – Changed to Payments & Transfers
  • Print – Moved to the top section of the account page

- Alerts – Moved into the blue bar at the top of the page
- Transfer Funds Section - changed from a horizontal section to a vertical drop down

Image showing the changes  from the old account home screen to the new account home screen

Payment Product Screen changes include: 

- Management Tools:

  • Renamed Payments & Transfers
  • Changed from a vertical drop down to a horizontal section

image showing the difference of old to new website for changing payment product type

Account Information Screen changes include: 

Switch Accounts moved from a drop down selection on the side of the page to a drop down selection at the top of the page. 

Image showing the changes of Account information selection from side to top of screen

If you have questions about the updated Business Online service please contact one of our Treasury Management experts today. They are here to help. They will come to your location and walk you through the process step by step. Why wait, contact us today!

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