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Trusteer Updates

posted on Monday, May 14, 2018 in Security & Fraud Information

Trusteer is a security software program that Northwest Bank provided free to customers to offer an additional layer of security to anti-virus software.  It was designed to protect confidential data, such as account credentials, from being stolen and prevent malicious software (malware) and phishing attempts for your desktop and laptop computers.   

Northwest Bank has made the decision to discontinue offering this software.  We have found that customers have had little interest in downloading this program. 

Financial security is our number one priority at Northwest Bank.  It is important that we provide products and services that protect our customer’s financial information.  Click here to visit our Personal and Business Security Centers to learn about additional ways to protect your personal information or business from fraudulent activity. 

If you are a current Trusteer user, no changes are necessary and you may continue to utilize Trusteer at no cost. If you wish to uninstall Trusteer at any time, please use the appropriate link below.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with any of the security programs or services we offer we welcome the opportunity to talk with you.  Please call us at 1-800-678-4105. Thank you.

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