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posted on Thursday, October 24, 2013 in In Our News

Jeff Plagge, President and CEO of our holding company, Northwest Financial Corporation, will be the American Bankers Association (ABA) incoming chairman. Plagge is a great representative of the Iowa Banking community and has worked many years in leadership roles to improve the banking industry.

With 23 consecutive years of ABA service under his belt, Plagge brings a breadth of knowledge with him to his role as chairman. He currently serves on the ABA Board of Directors and the ABA Mutual Insurance Board. He has previously served as the chairman of the ABA Payments System Task Force, the ABA Government Relations Council, the ABA Agriculture Committee, and ABA BankPac Committee.

“As the new ABA chairman, I have been given a great opportunity and a big responsibility,” Plagge said. “Fortunately, this opportunity is also one of the things I most enjoy – advocating on behalf of our industry. Like those before me, I vow to do my best to move this industry forward so we can continue our critical work in our communities.”

Having served as chairman of the Iowa Bankers Association from 2003-2004, Plagge has experience representing the banking industry.

In addition to his Northwest Financial Corporation and ABA responsibilities, Plagge serves on the Delta Dental of Iowa Board of Directors, the Wartburg College President’s Advisory Council and is a member of the Iowa Agriculture Secretary Northey’s Strategic Advisory Board. He is also a former board member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and served on their Community Depository Institution Advisory Council.

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