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Chip Card Technology

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Chip Cards.....A new level of security for your Northwest Bank Debit Card!

At Northwest Bank we are committed to providing our customers with the latest and most secure technology available. Protecting your accounts is our priority.

You've heard the talk, but what are Chip Cards?  And what is EMV?

A chip card, also known as an EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) card is equipped with a small metal square "chip", which adds an extra layer of security when you make purchases at chip-enabled terminals. The chip within the card stores account information more securely and the technology provides protection against fraudsters creating a replica of your card. 

The purchasing process will be the same as it is now, except your card is inserted and will remain in the terminal during the entire transaction process, rather than being swiped through the card reader. If you swipe your chip card at a chip-enabled terminal, the terminal will prompt you to insert the card if it’s capable of supporting a chip transaction. If the terminal is not chip-enabled you will swipe your card to complete the transaction.

How Does EMV Work

EMV What's the DifferenceEMV / Chip Cards are becoming the global standard for credit and debit card payments. EMV technology is a micro computer chip embedded in standard bank cards. These chips store and help protect your cardholder data. EMV / Chip Card technology has already been adopted Internationally with proven success in the reduction of card-present fraud.

Chip technology adds an additional layer of security to each of your card transactions. Each transaction is approved using a unique encrypted authentication code, making it far more difficult to copy or access your personal information. That unique one-time transaction information also prevents a thief from making any additional purchases with stolen card data. It’s important to remember that chip card safety measures only apply to in-person or card-present transactions.

A chip card is the same size, shape, and weight as your current Northwest Bank Debit Card. Chip Cards will have a chip on the front and a magnetic stripe on the back. You may need to use one or the other, depending on whether the merchant offers a chip-enabled terminal. It’s important to know that your card will work when used correctly.

What does a Chip Card look like

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