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Mobile Banking Instructions

Please note, you must be a current Internet Banking customer to use Mobile Banking.

If you use an iPhone, iPad or Android based device you can simply download our Mobile Banking app from your app store and start banking right away. To enroll in additonal services such as Text Banking and Mobile Web, log into your Internet Banking and click on the Settings button.

  1. Using your computer or your mobile phone’s browser visit to log in to Internet Banking, then click on the Settings button.
  2. Scroll to the Mobile Banking section of the “Settings” screen and click Enroll Now. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions for Mobile Banking and click Continue.
  3. Next, select the mobile services you wish to use (including Text Banking and Alerts). You can get basic account balances and transaction information or receive full mobile banking capabilities that allow you to view account details, pay bills, transfer money and more. Then click Continue.
  4. Select your time zone which helps determine when to send alerts to your phone. Then select the accounts you wish to access through Mobile Banking and confirm their nicknames. Then click Continue.
  5. Enter your 10-digit mobile telephone number and click Continue.
  6. You will soon receive a text message on your mobile device containing your activation code. Enter the activation code in the text field included in the text message and click Activate.
  7. Congratulations! Your accounts can now be securely accessed right from your mobile phone. 

Install our Mobile Banking App!

  1. iPhone and iPad: Visit the iTunes App Store
    Android: Visit the Google Play Store
  2. Search for “Northwest Bank Mobile Banking”
  3. Install the Application
  4. Once downloaded...tap the icon to log in
  5. Enter your Username, then click Submit
  6. Verify your authentication image and password, then log in

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Open Your Account Now!

If there is anything that can save a little more time, we are all for it. Opening an account is fast, easy, secure and can be done right from your computer. 

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