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Image of top workplaces logos showing years 2015, 2016 and 2017"Thank you for taking a moment to learn the history and long term commitment of our company to community banking.

Our strategic plan describes our commitment to remain family owned and focuses on serving the communities we currently serve as well as the communities we hope to serve in the future. Our plan is based on a few, simple core values. These values are expressed in our commitments to our communities, customers and employees." - Neal and Dwight Conover

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Jeff Plagge: A self-proclaimed ‘banking junkie'

posted on October 28, 2016 in In Our News

Jeff Plagge started his career with the Farm Credit System, but found his way into the banking world six years into his career. He has been in banking ever since and has been a strong advocate for the industry, getting involved in advocating for the industry at a variety of levels, including the state level with the Iowa Bankers Association.

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