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$2,000 Accelerated Pre-Approval Guarantee!

image of the guarantee loan approval that states get your mortgage pre-approval from Northwest Bank that comes with a 2,000 guarantee

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Your Accelerated Pre-Approval

Simply put, when you apply for your mortgage, you can get pre-approved to help you find the perfect home. Your pre-approval letter is our commitment to assure your Real Estate Agent and the sellers of your new home that you are a qualified borrower. By applying for your mortgage now it can give you a better understanding of what you can afford and helps us to verify and analyze your credit history, assets and financials, and your down payment. Apply online today at

Your $2,000 Guarantee

That’s right, we are committed to your homeownership goals! When it comes time to close on your new home, if we are unable to provide a final commitment letter that meets the terms we provided in your fully-verified Accelerated Pre-Approval - we will pay both you the buyer AND the seller $1,000 each! That’s our guarantee to you assuming there aren’t any changes or issues related to your new property or changes to your income, credit, or debts.

Shop with Confidence

Our Mortgage Lenders are here to guide you through the mortgage loan process. With your fully-verified, Accelerated Mortgage Pre-Approval you can make an offer on your new home with confidence, knowing you can secure your home financing. Save time by focusing on house-hunting properties that you know you can afford. 

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    Accelerated Pre-Approval $2,000 Guarantee available to qualified borrowers. Not valid with any other offers. Any party agreeing to receive their Guaranteed Payment from Northwest Bank will be required to sign a settlement agreement. If a Guaranteed Payment is made - it will be available within 10 days of receiving a signed settlement agreement. Problems related to the property or any material change in the buyer’s financial condition will nullify the guarantee. Examples of things that would nullify our guarantee include but are not limited to a low or unacceptable appraisal, property condition, condo project or association issues, change in the buyer’s income or employment, change in credit and additional or undisclosed debts. A discontinuation of a special loan program used to qualify the buyer could also nullify the guarantee. Member FDIC.

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