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Visa Account Updater

Introducing the NEW Visa® Account Updater
(VAU) Program

Image of Northwest Bank Debit CardNorthwest Bank Personal and Business customers (excluding HSA and Prepaid Cards) who use their Debit Card for monthly or periodic payments can now take advantage of a new program offered through Visa called, Visa Account Updater (VAU). Visa will automatically and securely send your updated card number and expiration date to participating VAU merchants that you have a relationship with when your debit card is renewed or reissued and activated.

Cardholder benefits of the VAU service includes:

  • Less chance of interrupted service from merchants who participate in VAU
  • Reduces the chance of your payment being disrupted due to out-of-date card information


  1. Q: How does VAU work?
    A: Visa Account Updater (VAU) is a service that facilitates the secure exchange of updated card information between participating merchants and Visa card issuers. Please note: Not all merchants participate in automatic updates. Updates are not guaranteed by merchants before the next billing cycle.
  2. Q: Is there a charge or fee for the VAU service?
    A: No, this is a free service!
  3. Q: When will my updated debit card information be securely shared with participating merchants?
    A: When your debit card is renewed or reissued and actived, your debit card information will automatically be updated by Visa within 2 business days after the card number or expiration date changes.
  4. Q: What information is being shared with participating merchants?
    A: This service will automatically update the card number and expiration date on file if you have recurring payments set up with your debit card. Merchants that participate in this VAU program will automatically receive your updated debit card information.
  5. Q: What if I want to discontinue or opt-out of the VAU service?
    A: Northwest Bank debit cards issued and activated after October 31, 2017 are automatically enrolled in this service, however if you choose not to participate, you can opt-out of VAU at any time by contacting your local Northwest Bank location or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-678-4105.
  6. Q: Can a business owner, signer, etc. opt-out all business Visa debit cards from the VAU service on behalf of the business?
    A: No, only the individual linked to the card can opt-out of the automatic VAU service.
  7. Q: How do I know if my merchant participates in VAU?
    A: You may contact your merchant directly for more information.

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